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This scene was actually when I went from feeling more or less neutral on Joan to actively disliking her.

Because wow, that was patronizing.

Cosigned so hard. No reaction would have been better than this huge “you’re a temper tantrum throwing baby”. Because THAT didn’t help either.

This adaptation just never works for me, and I have tried. But Joan is condescending and cold, there is zero chemistry between her Watson and Holmes. The hour ‘primetime crime drama’ presentation feels lack lustre, spoon fed and uninventive. The casting choices, aside form Jonny Lee Miller, are not working out, and I love Rhys Ifans and Natalie Dormer. This scene is typical of Joan’s disdainful and patronising reaction to her Sherlock…no, just no.

I only gave it three episodes (and I do hear it got better) but I couldn’t stand it. Saw no chemistry at *all*, everything too on the nose and explained like a typical american crime drama. I was so bored.

I am sorry Sherlock fandom. But I haven’t seen bigger hypocrites than you people! You don’t watch the show, don’t like it, then don’t fucking write shit about it! How can you even have an ‘educated opinion’ on something you don’t follow? You people are so shallow it’s not even worth trying to tell you how beautifully put together this show is. Patronizing? Condescending? Cold? Why, because she is a woman who takes no shit from a man? Grow the fuck up! And no chemistry (!!!) - why, because no gay?

I swear these people couldn’t be more wrong. No chemistry? Are you even watching the right show? Joan responds to Sherock in amost all his mannerisms, she mimicks him to show him his flaws. It seems condescending but Sherlock acts like a child sometimes, and children need to be shown how what they did is wrong.I love Elementary.

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My Doctor Who egg!


#87: Timey-Wimey Easter I


#88: Timey-Wimey Easter II

I know it’s a bit early for a Happy Easter, but I just had to draw these!

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Stay sharp. Toonami’s back on Saturday!

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That’s all right honey, that’s all right with me




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doctor who + laughing

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Why are you always so young?

The look on the Doctor’s face in the last gif kills me EVERY time. From Clara’s perspective, it’s been less than 24 hours since she last saw the Doctor. But from the Doctor’s perspective its been HUNDREDS of years (about 900 according to The Tales of Trenzalore ) since he last saw his Impossible Girl. Based on his reaction upon hearing Clara’s voice, I assume that he had no knowledge that Tasha had gone back in time to bring one of his best friends back to Trenzalore so she could be with him before he died. He had probably accepted the fact that she wouldn’t see her again.

900 years?

600, actually, since she came back twice - the first time was after he’d been there for 300 years, so then he went another 600 years before she came back again. 

But I love this. When he says “Barnable?” you can see that she’s upset, because she thinks he’s forgotten her, but then she says her name, and he turns around, and he’s just so pleased to see her…and now I can feel tears in my eyes…oh dear…*sniffs*

Reblog for commentary. Guys, he loved her; he loved her so much he gave her up. Please watch ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ for an example of how painful that notion is and what it means.

Her life - her happiness - was his victory.

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